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Varnished acrylic painted cnc routered mdf piece.

MA / 32” x 71” x 1.5 in. / Varnished acrylic on mdf / 2023

My journey into patterns has been long and vast. Through exploration, I started stripping the idea of visual patterns down to its most basic form. A square. The most simple shape for repetition. Naturally I went into tiles. Exploring that world I lost myself in the magical world of islamic pattern tile-work. The more I created these beautiful compositions of shapes and colors, the more I wanted more meaning. I sat with this for a while. Then I went to something that was around me growing up in miami, FL. Nautical flags. I was always drawn to the beautiful arrangements. It is a way to communicate out at sea. I knew I had to create my own character set in a square format. I scoured the internet for all kinds of written languages, through different time periods and civilizations. I eventually created something that made sense, working on some sort of relative thirds and halves grid so they can relate to each other. Each one being different but somehow finding something that can relate with the next. This took me into a new way to explore the visual aspect of language. Communication that is playful to look at and read. It’s my way to have fun with how we look at language.

Side view close up of varnished acrylic painted cnc routered mdf piece.

Varnished acrylic painted cnc routered mdf piece.


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