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Paintings, drawings, prints, art

Alvaro Ilizarbe was born in Lima, Peru and lives and works in Los Angeles. Drifting between painting, immersive installation, and sculpture, Ilizarbe’s work responds to its surroundings, immersing those surroundings in his intricate world. Using patterns, cypher, pre-Columbian linework, and the language of advertising, Ilizarbe creates work that explores the energy in between things, and forms multiple dialogues with its surroundings. Ilizarbe’s work often responds to the architecture of the space, completely changing it, and offering the viewer a separate universe within which to exist, like stepping into the other side of a mirror.

Ilizarbe has held solo exhibitions across the U.S. He has been selected for collaborations with companies like Toyota, Nike, I Am Other, and Beck’s.

Instagram: @alvaroilizarbe

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